Childproofing Your Kitchen

If you are a small child then the kitchen can be a truly dangerous place. There are so many things that they can grab, touch or put in their mouth which could cause them harm.

This means, as a parent, it is down to you to either stop your children coming into the kitchen altogether, or simply make it a safer place for them to be.

But how can you do this?

We have put together some of our top tips for childproofing the kitchen, and making sure that it is a safe place for your little one to be, as well as still being a great place for you to prepare and cook meals.

Tackle those sharp corners

Smaller children are just the right height to be at risk of banging their heads on the worktops. It will hurt enough if it is on the flat edge, however, if they bang them on the corners then this can really hurt. You can buy things to put on the corners to make them less sharp, but if you are not able to get these, then there are other low cost ways you can make it safer. A simple way is with a dollop of blu tac on the corner as this will make it a little softer. Also, don’t forget those appliances too, contact appliance repair phoenix for more information on ways they have helped their customer tackle this issue.

Think about where you store things

It is a simple fact of life that children love to open drawers and cupboards, this is why it makes sense to have anything dangerous stored well out of their reach. Never store scissors, plastic bags, or anything chemical in low drawers, as children may pull them out and hurt themselves when they are exploring.

Keep it clean

Kitchens can get grubby really quickly, especially since they are used to cook food, so spillages are likely to happen. It is a good idea to try and keep your kitchen as clean as you can when you have kids, particularly in areas that they can reach such as the floor or lower cupboards.

If you are not sure how safe your kitchen is for a child, then it might be a good idea to get down to their level. Crawl through your kitchen, or crouch down when you are in there and see what risks there are in the space, this will give you a good base to child proof this room and make sure that the smallest member so the family are kept nice and safe.


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