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New Sci-Fi Web Series

The creators of the Spirits of the Force trilogy, Joel Cranson, Webb Pickersgill and Kevin Herrmann continue their passion for independent sci-fi filmmaking, with an original web series PROBED:signals. The series is inspired by The X-Files and the pheonomenon known as “The Phoenix Lights” and follows Carter Fox, a young college student who is obsessed with aliens and his own personal encounter he had in his senior year of high school.  Joined with his high school tutor, Chrissy Daniels, Carter meets up with some new friends who help him unravel the mystery behind a strange alien broadcast signal.

Fan Film Distribution… or not…

After the success of the Spirits of the Force Trilogy, director Joel Cranson wanted to create an original series.  “We really enjoyed making the fan films, but with copyright restrictions it has been hard to get our work out to legitimate venues for people to see it.  We’ve been limited to self-distribution on the Internet and to free-admission comicon film festivals and local events, ” said Cranson.  He continued, “Although we are very grateful for all the opportunities that we’ve had to publicly show the films, we wanted our next project to be something that we didn’t have any restrictions with our distribution.  Something original.  Ultimately we want people to be able to see what we make.”

Inspired by The X-Files

Instead of creating fan fiction, Cranson decided to have one of his favorite shows, The X-Files, inspire his next series.  The pilot episode, a 20-minute short film entitled “PROBED”, makes a deliberate connection to the fandom of The X-Files without stepping on any copyright toes.  And, with the launch of the series PROBED:signals, the spirit of exploring the unknown continues through the established characters in the short film.

More Information:

Visit the website: http://www.probed.tv

Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/PROBED

YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/probedsignals