Colour, Colour, Colour – Picking The Right Colour For Your Prom Dress

Picking a colour for your prom dress can be a nightmare. There are so many different colours and shades to sort through, and it can seem like a mammoth task. We’re going to be taking a look at some of the things which you should keep in mind when it comes to choosing the colour of your dress so that you’re not left tearing out your hair in frustration.

Consider The Theme

Perhaps your prom is one which has a particular theme. This can be a colour, a season or anything really. In any case, it might be in your interests to consider this theme as you select your dress. If the theme is the ocean, then a deep blue might be best, whereas a white might be better if the theme is all about the winter, and snow.

Location, Location

When it comes to the colour of your dress, you need to consider the colours of the location, and how it’s been done up for the event. This is something which will influence the dress you pick in a big way. Something which is louder than the walls and floor will help you stand out in a good way, whereas something that’s similar to the venue will ensure you blend into the scenery.

Look In The Mirror

One thing that you have got to think about when it comes to the colour of your UK prom dress is the colour of your skin tone. Certain shades and colours will work best against certain tones of skin. Now, you can always go and get a tan if you feel that you’re the wrong shade for the dress, but it’s often better to just try and work with your skin as opposed to against it. This is accomplished by making sure that the shades you pick work with you. Obviously, if you’ve been out and about before, you’ll have a pretty good idea of what colours work for you and what colours don’t.

Speak To Your Date

If you’re going with your high school sweetheart or just a very good friend, you should coordinate with them when it comes to the event. A lot of couples match in some fashion. This means that the tie of the suit, or even the shirt itself will match up with the entire dress the girl is wearing. This will helf to make sure that you’ve picked out the best possible dress, and that you sync up with your date in the best way.

Overall, these are just a few things which you should consider when it comes to picking out your prom dress, and choose a colour. We all want to have the best possible coloured outfit for the night, which is why it’s always a good idea to plan. Ample preparation will make sure that you can pick the right prom dress colour for your needs, and that when you arrive at your event, you’re feeling great about the night.

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Childproofing Your Kitchen

If you are a small child then the kitchen can be a truly dangerous place. There are so many things that they can grab, touch or put in their mouth which could cause them harm.

This means, as a parent, it is down to you to either stop your children coming into the kitchen altogether, or simply make it a safer place for them to be.

But how can you do this?

We have put together some of our top tips for childproofing the kitchen, and making sure that it is a safe place for your little one to be, as well as still being a great place for you to prepare and cook meals.

Tackle those sharp corners

Smaller children are just the right height to be at risk of banging their heads on the worktops. It will hurt enough if it is on the flat edge, however, if they bang them on the corners then this can really hurt. You can buy things to put on the corners to make them less sharp, but if you are not able to get these, then there are other low cost ways you can make it safer. A simple way is with a dollop of blu tac on the corner as this will make it a little softer. Also, don’t forget those appliances too, contact appliance repair phoenix for more information on ways they have helped their customer tackle this issue.

Think about where you store things

It is a simple fact of life that children love to open drawers and cupboards, this is why it makes sense to have anything dangerous stored well out of their reach. Never store scissors, plastic bags, or anything chemical in low drawers, as children may pull them out and hurt themselves when they are exploring.

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Tips And Tricks For The Groom

When you’re about to get married, the chances are that you’re terrified and excited. And that’s okay, we understand that you may well be quite nervous at the thought of getting married, it’s a big and exciting day. To try and help you with this, we’re taking a look at some of the stylistic elements of the big day, so that will be at least not a worry for you.

Make sure you look the part

This is largely down to circumstance, but you want to make sure that your suit is acceptable for the wedding that you’re having. If it is a traditional wedding, then the traditional kilt may well be the best choice for the job. However, a more modern wedding may find brighter colours and a slightly offbeat look being the best way forward. Obviously, you’ll have planned with your spouse as to what kind of wedding you’ll have long beforehand, so it’s just a question of making sure you look the best you can be.

Do a final check the day before, and the morning of the day

This is very important for making sure that you’re going to be looking the very best you can on the day. Make sure your suit has been ironed and is free from creases, that your shoes have been polished, and also that you have everything ready to go, including any accessories such as cufflinks or a pocket square. On the morning, make sure you look as best as you can, if you use a moisturising product then try and make sure your face is bright and free from oils, and that you’ve paid attention to all the little details, for example if you’ve shaved the stubble from your face.

Make sure your groomsmen look good too

The groomsmen you have are going to be your friends and family, and they’ll need to look as good as possible. Make sure they’re looking dapper and ready to help you get married, so if needs be, give them a quick nudge to run a comb through their hair, or to give their suit another look over. After all, they need to be as ready as you are. Make sure that everyone looks coordinated and uniformly, as this will make for a much neater look when you’re up there getting married.

Overall, these are just a few tips for males in terms of looking and feeling their best when they’re up on the main stage getting married. We appreciate that it can be an incredibly nerve wracking and thrilling day for you, so you’ll obviously want to look your best. Making sure that your suit is ready to go and that you’re ready for the big day is critical for ensuring that everything goes down without a hitch. So brush your suit off one last time, check in with the groomsmen and the best man, and remember that above all else, remember this. Head out to your wedding car. You’ve got this.

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